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Because of the ongoing transition to CAT and the imminent shutdown of Coinbase Pro, you’ll need to connect your CAT APIs to to continue trading. Rest assured, APIs are encrypted with no access to funds or personal data. To open an account on Coinbase, new users must provide identifying documents to verify their identities. This mandatory verification aligns with Know Your Customer (KYC) rules that aim to prevent account misuse. Users must submit a valid government ID, such as a passport or driver’s license, to complete the process.

Once the stop price is hit, the order shapeshifts into a market order, executing immediately at whatever the current market price may be. Apart from these two options, there is another crypto bot you should try. ArbitrageScanner stands out as one of the leading arbitrage platforms due to its extensive exchange integrations and powerful tools. ArbitrageScanner is the top choice for arbitrage trading thanks to unmatched exchange coverage. While past issues give Immediate BitXDR a (mostly undeserved) black mark, both platforms implement solid present-day security. And their prompt, available support teams ease navigation difficulties.

Transactions conducted on USD-quoted books are accounted for as the total USD amount of each completed order. Transactions made on non-USD books are converted to USD based on the most recent fill price on the respective book. The “Advanced Trade” features have been introduced to the main service to spice up what was a simpler interface that might have appealed to beginners. But worry not, those features are still around, and you can now use the basic service to switch to a mode that offers lower fees for some transactions and additional data tools. The BEP is a good indicator that helps you navigate your break-even point with the funds invested in the bot (specifically the base currency).

There is much to like about Immediate BitXDR, including its easy-to-navigate interface, support for dozens of exchanges, and a wide variety of trading bots. Moreover, its subscription rates can pay for themselves when using the bots correctly, and there is a free trial to take full advantage of. It is an excellent platform for those looking to automate their trading process and benefit from extensive portfolio management. The crypto trading bots industry is a thriving sector of the crypto world with dozens of different platforms gunning for the throne.

  • Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) issued a warning to investors to watch out for pump-and-dump schemes in thinly traded or new cryptocurrencies.
  • However, on Immediate BitXDR, there are a few more steps to take to continue trading on Coinbase.
  • Ever since its inception in 2017, the trading platform has elevated its approach to crypto trading, portfolio management, and arbitrage opportunities.
  • The BEP is a good indicator that helps you navigate your break-even point with the funds invested in the bot (specifically the base currency).

Generally, when prices consistently rise, the trendline exhibits an upward slant. Conversely, if the market experiences selloffs, the trendline will display a downward incline. However, you can use other technical indicators alongside trend lines to make your market trend analysis even more meaningful.

Immediate BitXDR

Don’t worry if you don’t have the time or skills to automated your own strategy, have a range of predefined strategies based on successful backtest results that you can choose from. Just remember as we mentioned earlier, good results in backtests do not mean good results moving forward. Once you have decided to remove the robot, all of the related open orders will be automatically cancelled as well.

The bot divides the specified price range into multiple tiers, creating an order matrix, or “grid of orders,” as it’s commonly called (Pic. 1). For example, to profit from the ETH sideways market, you may set up limit buy and sell orders at every 50 USDT below and above the current market price. This can be particularly true if you’re using a pair or exchange which has a very small number of traders.

Scalping involves riding the market’s waves to pound out many small wins that compound into substantial gains over time. The Stochastic Oscillator (SO) is a handy tool to determine when an asset’s price trend may be about to switch directions (Pic. 3). It works by comparing the current price of an asset to its average price over a set time period.

Its feature-rich bots, integrated portfolio tools, and aggregation of prominent exchanges provide an all-in-one stage for streamlining processes. With straightforward interfaces and pricing models, Immediate BitXDR remains an accessible platform for novices, too. The demo account is ideal for crypto traders looking to take advantage of auto trading to save time and mitigate risks. Traders can also use the free trial period to verify the platform’s success rate and numerous claims or compare it with other platforms offering similar services. Demo trading is available on only 9 exchanges but this should be adequate to learn how to use the bots on Immediate BitXDR without using actual money.

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